Swim 2 of 2

It doesn't happen very often, but I got to swim twice today!  The first swim was this morning at the Great Salt Lake Marina with Gords and the second was with Kate at Blackridge this evening.

When we got to the reservoir, Kate and her family were already there.  We brought one of our kayaks to play around on and got it unloaded and hauled it down to the beach.  The water was 72 degrees and felt refreshing, especially compared to the Great Salt Lake.  The water was a little murkier than I expected, but still better than Bountiful Lake.

Since I had already swam once today, I kept this workout pretty short and just enjoyed being in the water.  I did two sets of swimming one length easy and then sprinting back.  The reservoir is pretty small (only about 175 yards long according to Google Maps), but is a nice place to swim.  A couple times I was surprised to find myself swimming through some big plants (even out in the middle of the reservoir).

The rest of the evening was spent playing on the beach and taking the boys for rides on the kayak.  It was good to meet Kate's family and our boys had fun playing her her son.


Erin said...

Those plants in the middle always freak me out. I using shriek whenever I swim through them. Glad you had fun last night. I wish I could have come.

Josh said...

I swam through one that was near the shore, which surprised me, but was kind of expected. The one that really got me was the one right out in the middle of the reservoir!

My kids love playing there, so I'm sure I'll be swimming there again. Hopefully you can make it next time.