Swim Your Name Contest

My friend and fellow Great Salt Lake Open Water race director, Gords, is always looking to try new things in open water.  His latest idea was to swim a cursive letter "G" in the Great Salt Lake using his GPS to trace his course.  You can see the results of his swim below:

Here is the cursive "G" Gords was trying to duplicate in the water. (Photo from Gords Swim Log)
And here is the result.  Pretty good for a first try! (Photo from Gords Swim Log)

I like this idea so much that I have already planned out how I am going to "swim my name" at Bountiful Lake, using the two islands as reference points.  I've even gone a step further and decided to hold a "Swim Your Name" contest for readers of the blog.  The rules are outlined below:

1)  SWIM one or more letters in any body of open water, using a GPS device to record the results.  You can swim your initial(s) or your whole name.

2)  Use a GPS device to capture your swim.  (I have had good results with a Garmin Forerunner 305 tucked under my cap).

3)  Send an aerial image with the GPS overlay (like the picture above) to joshuakgreen@gmail.com.

4)  You can use landmarks and natural features as reference points, but you may NOT have another person guide you.

5)  Submit your entry by September 30.

6)  Have fun!

I will post any contest entries I get on the blog as well as the Facebook page.  I will figure out a way to have everyone vote for a winner.  It wouldn't be a contest without a prize, right?  Since several of you have been teasing me about my wild swimsuits, the winner will get a gift certificate to Splish.com so you can get your own crazy suit!

I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

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