Swimming My Name - Take 1

Beautiful evening at the Great Salt Lake Marina.

I saw a new doctor this morning at TOSH about the pain in my right clavicle.  This guy was much better than the other doctor I saw.  He spent a lot of time asking me questions and was really trying to figure out what was wrong.  We came to the conclusion that it probably is not a stress fracture and is most likely just strain from the pec muscle pulling on the bone where the muscle attaches.  He prescribed physical therapy to strengthen and stretch the muscle.  I start next week and am hopeful that it will help.

This evening I met Kate and Rachel at the Great Salt Lake Marina (thanks for letting me crash your party!).  Kate has been swimming a few times at GSL and swam the 1 mile at the inaugural Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim, but it was Rachel's first time.

We spent a while checking out the massive spider population before getting in the water.  It was hot outside and the water was pretty warm and it wasn't nearly as refreshing as I had hoped.

The three of us swam out of the marina and into the open lake.  As we were hanging out by the mouth of the marina, a sailboat came out and we waived and said hello to the people on the boat.

I decided to try to "swim my name", using the two green buoys at reference points.  It was a lot harder than I thought it would be!  I tried counting my strokes to make the letters even, but I think I was drifting a little.  I thought I had figured out how to work my GPS so that I could stop it after each letter and reset it so that I could have an image of each individual letter.  I guess I didn't hold the reset button long enough between letters because when I got out, it had recorded one continuous swim of 1.65 miles...nuts.

Anyway, you can see the results of my first try below.  You can see each individual letter (J O S H).  I thought the "O" and "S" were going to be messed up, but they actually turned out better than I though.  The letter I thought would be the easiest, "H", turned out the worst.  If you click on "View Details" in the bottom right corner and then "Player" in the upper right corner you can watch the patch I swam.

Next time I will figure out my GPS before I get in the water.  The "Swim Your Name" contest is going on until September 30 if you want to participate.  I will be giving away a Splish.com gift certificate to the winner...check out the rules here.

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