Update on James Jonsson's Lake Tahoe Record Attempt

I got this update from James Jonsson on his attempt to break one of the Lake Tahoe records and thought some of you might be interested in it:

Hello to all my friends and supporters,
As you are aware, my Lake Tahoe attempt is coming up this Thursday and I want to thank you for your support and kind words.  There are actually three lengthwise crossing records at Tahoe; one is the fastest overall record from South-to-North that finishes at the Hyatt Pier at Incline Village on the north shore (but is NOT the longest distance between 2 points on the lake), one is the fastest "longest distance" record from South-to-North which starts at basically the same spot but finishes at Incline Village further to the west of the Hyatt Pier which is the longest point-to-point swim on the lake, and the third record is the fastest longest distance from North-to-South.  The North-to-South swim is slower due to the prevailing south-westerly winds.
I have attached a page from the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame which shows these records and their times.
The weather forecast for Lake Tahoe on Thursday is for typical afternoon south-west winds so I will be starting on the south shore at Camp Richardson and swimming towards Incline Village.  My final destination will be determined during the swim and I hope that one of the two South-to-North records will fall.
Thanks again for your support.

James Jonsson

James will be making his attempt tomorrow and is doing this swim to raise awareness for organ donation.  For those in Utah, you can get more information about organ donation as well as register as an organ donor by clicking on this link.

Good luck tomorrow James!

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