Afternoon Swim at GSL

After taking care of some post-vacation chores, I found myself free at about 3:00pm and decided to head down to GSL for a quick swim.  With the sun rising later and later, it was nice to be at the lake in the afternoon instead of in the morning.  There were only a couple people in the parking lot and a few sailboats and kayaks on the water.

The water is getting cooler and felt pretty nice.  There are also far fewer brine shrimp in the water than there were a couple weeks ago.  The surface of the water in the marina was covered in bugs and was kind of gross to swim through.  After I made it out into the open lake, it was much better.

It's been a while since I got a good swim in and I just wanted to take it easy today.  Halfway to Black Rock I saw a couple people riding a jet ski!  That's something I've never seen at the Great Salt Lake before.  They were riding in some pretty shallow water and I hope they were aware of the rocks.  It actually made me a little nervous the rest of the way to Black Rock and I kept stopping to make sure I knew where there were so I didn't get hit.  I never saw them again.

I finished the first mile in pretty good time and then headed back to the marina.  The second mile was a little slower, but still felt pretty good.  I decided to go around to the east side of the marina rather than swim through all the bugs again, and this ended up being a good decision.

It was a nice, relaxing swim and a good warm-up for tomorrow when I will be joining my friend Goody for a 4.5 mile swim at Pineview before Slam the Dam next week.


Gords said...

Hey! There's an Orb Weaver on that buoy. Watch out!

Wow! A Jet Ski? Never heard of that before.

Josh said...

Yeah there were two pretty good sized ones on that buoy. I'm still trying to figure out how they get there...

Yeah I thought it was really weird. I didn't think jet skis were allowed on the lake. I wonder if the salt water does anything to mess up the engine.