Getting Lost, Chaffing and Leaking Goggles

The path to Silver Sands Beach.
It was dark this morning when I met Gordon at the Great Salt Lake Marina at 6:30.  I ran out of BodyGlide over the weekend and the only body lubricant I had left was a can of TriSlide.  I put on what I thought was a heavy coat and hoped for the best.

We started out from Silver Sands Beach on the east side of the marina and headed towards the red buoy.  The water is getting cooler and felt pretty nice.  The buoy we were aiming for has a flashing light on it and I thought it would be easy to see from the water in the dark.  However, when I put my light blue tinted goggles on, I could barely see the light.  I followed Gords for a while and then went totally off course.  I stopped every 100 stokes or so to take my goggles off and figure out where I was.  I had stayed a little too close to the shore and had to swim 500 yards or so out into the lake to get to the buoy.  Gords was already headed west back towards the marina by the time I got there.

The TriSlide wore off pretty fast in my armpits and on the back of my neck and I started chaffing pretty early into the swim.  In open water swimming, there are so many things that can go wrong and you really have to learn to adapt to the situation and push through it.

At Black Rock, we stopped for a quick drink and then headed back.  The time on my watch was about 58 minutes.  I kind of hated to start swimming again because that meant that I was going to be feeling the chaffing in my armpits and neck again and that it was probably going to get worse.  On top of that, my goggles kept leaking and I had to keep stopping to get the water out.

I finished the last mile in about 28 minutes, which is a little slower than I would have liked.  I decided to call it good at this point because of the chaffing, but Gords kept going to the red buoy.  I sprinted from the marina entrance to the boat ramp and felt pretty good.  At Slam the Dam you have to run out of the water at the end of the race.  To prepare for that I swam until my hands touched the ramp and then jumping up and ran until I cleared the water.

It's a common saying that 20% of open water swimming is physical and 80% is mental.  Today was much less of a physical workout and more of a mental one.  From getting lost in the dark at the very start of the swim to the painful chaffing and leaking goggles, I had to make the best of the situation and keep going.  While days like today are not as fun as the days where everything goes right, I am grateful for the experience and know that it will pay off in future swims.


Gords said...

If you're ever out before a swim let me know and I'll let you have some of my stuff to try.

Josh said...

I thought I would be good today but I guess not. I'm going to follow the recipe and method you posted on your blog and try it out.