If You Pack It In...

It's been a while since I have been out to Bountiful Lake and I have heard that it is getting worse.  I drove out to last night with my kids to check out the conditions of the lake and water. 

Sadly, there was trash everywhere along the shore.  It really makes me angry that a few lazy and inconsiderate people can have such a negative impact on the lake, wildlife and other people who use and enjoy the lake.  It's obvious to me that a lot of work, and money, has been put into making Bountiful Lake a nice place.  Think about the bathrooms, picnic tables, the grassy areas, the signs showing the different types of birds and fish, the number of fish the lake is stocked with, the fishing docks, the trail that goes around the lake, etc.  More work is currently being to improve the northern shore of the lake.  Yet some people still choose to dump their trash in the water or leave it on the shore.

I'm not sure what the solution is.  There are signs like the one pictured above all over the lake reminding people to pick up their trash and it's not like there aren't any trash cans around.  Maybe more trash cans could be put around the lake, especially near the popular fishing spots.  Last year I participated in a big clean up of the lake as part of Gordon Gridley's son Austin's Eagle Scout project.  Together we removed 650 pounds of trash!  This is a good way to clean up what is already there, but doesn't do anything to prevent the trash in the first place.  I like that the lake is free for anyone to use, but I wonder if charging a small fee would keep out some of the people who litter.  Charging a fee is not the best solution and probably would not work anyway because the lake is accessible by parking your car on the side of the road and walking to the shore.

It seems like the lake tends to get worse as the year progresses.  It think it's partly due to the build up of trash throughout the year and also because not as much water flows into the lake as the year progresses.  At this point, I'm tempted to stop swimming there for the rest of the year.

What are your thoughts?


Unknown said...

I haven't seen it so maybe this isn't the issue, but the lake is right next to the dump and it has been very windy the past few days - could be trash from the dump.

Josh said...

That may be a small part of it. Most of what I have seen is food and fishing related and is on or near the shore where most of the fishers set up.

Some trash finds it's way to the lake from the canal too, but there isn't much water coming in right now.

Unknown said...

Yea - that sounds like it is from people who are using the lake then, super lame.