Morning Swim at Blackridge

Swimming a "smiley face" at Blackridge Reservoir in Herriman.
I met my friend Jared Hawes at Blackridge this morning.  We don't often get to swim together, but it's always nice when we do.  We are pretty close to the same speed (although he seemed faster this morning) so it works out pretty well.  Plus, he's a really nice guy.

It was chilly when I left the house and I grabbed a jacket before I left in case I was freezing after the swim.  It turned out to be a really nice morning once the sun came out.

We got in the water around 6:30.  It felt a little cold at first, but anything would feel cold after swimming mostly in the Great Salt Lake for the past few months.  Once I got going, the water was pretty comfortable.

The beach and buoys and Blackridge.
We took turns leading as we went around the perimeter a couple times.  There is a line of buoys near the beach and Jared had us do a set of ladders using the third, fifth and last buoys.  We swam out easy and then a little faster on the way back.  It's nice to shake things up and do something other than just swim a couple miles straight now and then.  We did one more lap around the reservoir before Jared had to leave for work.

A family of ducks.
Since starting the "Swim Your Name" contest, I have been thinking about other things you could do by swimming with a GPS.  I decided to try to swim a picture of a face this morning and it actually turned out better than I expected!  As I was swimming, I thought that if anyone was watching me (especially while swimming the eyes) they would be pretty confused.  I was trying to think of how I would explain it to someone and decided it was kind of like GPS graffiti.  The good thing is that it's much easier to clean up than actual graffiti.

It was a nice way to start the morning and I hope to be able to make more of these swims with Jared and his group.

Cheesy post swim photo.


Sabrina said...

That is a really good smiley face! Maybe next time you can try for a fish.

mybkexperience said...

keep up the good work
Great work!