Stansbury Lake Open Water Clinic with US Trisports

I went out to the free open water clinic at Stansbury Lake put on by US Trisports this evening.  It was a really nice day to be out in the water.  The water temperature felt great and it wasn't too hot outside.  Only two people were wearing wetsuits, which I thought was pretty impressive since triathletes tend to love their rubber.

There were probably about 10 or so people who showed up for the clinic, which I thought was a pretty good turnout.  Aly Brooks, race director with US Trisports, gave a brief introduction and then turned the time over to Wes Johnson.  I've been bumping into Wes over the past couple years and he is an amazing swimmer, athlete and coach.

We split up into groups based on skill level and then practiced sighting, drafting, turns and finished with a simulated race.  I was in a group with Brandon Slaugh, who won the 1 mile Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim.  Each group swam different distances on the simulated race and the group I was in swam about a mile.

I had a good time and am grateful that US Trisports puts on these clinics.  I am excited to be volunteering at the Stansbury Tri this coming Saturday.  If you are racing, maybe I'll see you there.

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