Two Mile Swim at GSL and Physical Therapy

This is my pool.
I woke up this morning and headed out to the Great Salt Lake Marina to meet Gordon.  On the way out, he called to let me know he was going to be late because of an incident involving a trophy this morning.  I would have like to wait for him, but had to get going because I had a physical therapy appointment I had to get to.

I got in the water at about 6:30am.  The water has definitely been feeling cooler lately, but it was still very comfortable to swim in.  I headed out to the red buoy outside of the marina and then started my watch.  My shoulders were a little stiff from Monday's adventure at Bear Lake and I had just planned to take it easy and stretch out.  Once I got going though, I decided to pick it up a little.  I struggled with the last mile on the last two 10K swims I have done and I kind of wanted to be a little tired at the end of today's first mile and push the second mile to try to simulate that last mile in a race.  I got into a good pace and almost swam right past Black Rock.  Part of the problem is that the sun is rising later and I had a hard time seeing Black Rock with my blue lens goggles.  I guess I need to get a clear pair like Gords.

I stopped at Black Rock to get a drink and to look for Gords, but I never saw him.  I figured he must have started out going towards the end of the buoy line.  On the way back I was pushing a little harder and ended up with a much faster time than my first mile, even swimming into a breeze on the second half.  I laid back and used my SSD for a pillow while I had another drink and took in the view.  I think people would change their minds about the Great Salt Lake if they were out in the water in the morning and saw the sun rise.

As usual, I sprinted from the marina entrance back to the boat ramp.  I figure it is good practice to be able to sprint at the end of the workout to simulate sprinting to the finish line of a race.

I had to rush to get to my physical therapy appointment at TOSH.  I was actually thinking about cancelling it because I have been feeling so much better.  I swam 6 miles and paddled 13 on Monday and then 2+ miles this morning and felt only minor pain.  Except for Monday, I haven't taken any Ibuprofen for a couple weeks.  In the end, I decided to keep the appointment.  My therapist had me do more of the same exercises and also added some new ones.  The thing I am learning is that even though the pain I have been feeling is in my chest, the muscles I need to work on are the ones in my back and shoulder.  He said my upper back is kind of stiff and gave me some stretches that I can to to try to loosen it up.  I set up another visit a few weeks away and, if I'm still feeling this good, I'll probably call it good and not make another appointment.

A couple of the therapists were asking about my swimming, what races I do and where I train.  I told them that I have been training mostly in the Great Salt Lake and they couldn't believe it.  Seriously folks, it's not as bad as you think it is!  In a survey we did after the Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim, 69.2% of swimmers said that the saltiness of the water was about what they expected and 7.7% said it was better than they expected (leaving 23.1% who said it was worse than expected).  We also found that 53.8% of those who participated in the survey thought that the water quality was BETTER than they expected.  It's time to quit complaining about the lake and get out there and swim in it!

If all goes according to plan, I will be headed out to Stansbury for the US Trisports open water clinic this evening.  It looks like you can still register for the free clinic on their website if you want to come.


Erin said...

Kate finally convinced me to swim at GSL. I was amazed at how much better it was then I was expecting. It wasn't as salty as I thought it was going to be. The water was great. I'm glad that your shoulder is feeling better.

Josh said...

I'm glad you got out to try it! I have no problem if people try swimming there and then say it's gross, but it bugs me when people who have never actually been in the water complain about how bad it is.

I'm still working on getting my wife out there...it's not the salt that worries her, it's the brine shrimp.

Erin said...

Ask Kate. I solved that problem by having conversations with all the millions of brine shrimp. I felt proud of the fact that while I may not be as good as swimmer as they are, I am faster. :)