Awesome Utah Swimming and Triathlon Blogs

More and more Utah swimmers and triathletes are starting blogs to document their training, goals, race reports and open water adventures.  Here is a list of blogs that I subscribe to that you might like as well:

Gordon is my good friend and training partner.  He and I work together to organize and direct the Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim.  Gordon holds two International Marathon Swimming World Records for swims he did in the Great Salt Lake.  He has completed two 20+ mile swims (Great Salt Lake and Bear Lake) and is currently training for the English Channel in 2012.  Plus, he's a really nice guy.

Goody is a good friend and one of my favorite people to swim with.  He is a fun guy to be around and I always laugh when I read his posts.  He finished the 8.12 mile Antelope Island to Black Rock swim, the 10 mile swim at Deer Creek and the Grand Slam (10K) at Slam the Dam.  He also did the around the rock Alcatraz swim.

My brother Jake has overcome a lot of challenges that would have kept most people from working towards their goals.  He is a great writer and is an inspiration to me.

I met Matt for the first time this year.  He is relatively new to open water swimming and is also a sports writer for the Standard Examiner.  He wrote two excellent articles related to open water swimming for the newspaper this year.  He swam the 1 mile at GSL and the 5K at Deer Creek this year.

I met Karl for the first time at Slam the Dam this year.  He is pretty new to open water swimming, but I can tell he is hooked!  He has a goal to swim in each of the 50 states!

Nate is a Utah Lake swimmer and is working on getting an open water group together in Utah County.

I have run into Wes at several open water clinics.  He is a sponsored triathlete, coach and wicked fast swimmer.

Scott and Rachele met at the Deer Creek Open Water Swim a few years ago.  They have participated in, and supported each other in, several open water and endurance events.

Rory is a dedicated triathlete.  I love reading his race reports and watching his race videos.  He completed Ironman St. George this year and had a great series of video logs about his training.

What other blogs by Utah athletes do you read?  Do you have your own blog?  Post a link in the comments below.

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