First "Polar Bear" Swim With the Wasatch Front Polar Bear Club

Gords, me and Jake at the first Wasatch Front Polar Bear Club swim at the Great Salt Lake. (Photo by Gords)
I have been excited all week for the first swim with the newly formed Wasatch Front Polar Bear Club.  Gords recently started the group to try to encourage more people to try cold water swimming.  He even had some cool hoodies made!  I met Jake and Gords at Saltair at 5:30pm.  Jake was excited for the swim too and had been texting me all day about it.  He even showed up with a crazy beard in honor of the first swim.  We waited around for a little while to see if anyone else was going to show up, but no one did.  We all hopped in my car and drove out to Black Rock.

I have been watching the temperature on the GSL Marina website and it has dipped as low at 58 degrees.  We were all a little disappointed when we got in the water and Gords' thermometer showed 63.5 degrees.  It was cold enough to sting my face when I first got in, but that was about it.  At nearly 64 degrees, I don't think this even counts as a "polar bear" swim.

We swam out to some rocks that stick out into the lake and then sat back in the water (this is the Great Salt Lake, you really can "sit" in the water) and just enjoyed it.  After a while, we headed back to Black Rock.

When we were almost to Black Rock, I decided to see if I could make myself sink.  I dove under the water and blew out all of my air.  In a pool, you would sink like a rock to the bottom.  Out here, I popped right back up to the surface.  I tried a few more times and had to really fight to stay under water and, even then, I could only stay under for a few seconds.

Back at the car, we dried off and headed back to Saltair.  I don't think any of us were even shivering.  Oh well, it was still fun to get some of the original members together and enjoy some time in the water.  Hopefully when we meet next week at Bountiful Lake at 5:30pm, the water will be colder.

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