From Lake Mead to the Great Salt Lake

I made the trip to Las Vegas this past weekend, along with several other Utah swimmers, for the second annual Slam the Dam.  I had a blast and will be posting my race review after the official results are posted.

I didn't want to take too much time off after Saturday's race so I decided to go out to the Great Salt Lake this morning for a quick swim.  It was still dark when I got to the marina at 6:45am.  I thought about waiting around a little until it got lighter, but decided to just get in.  I walked down the rocky path to Silver Sands beach and waded into the water.  I had checked the water temp last night and it was about 70 degrees according to the website.

I started out heading northeast towards the red buoy.  I really need to get some clear goggles for morning swims.  I could barely see the buoy, even with the flashing red light, and had to sight on the mountains instead.  I stopped briefly at the buoy and then headed back towards the marina.

When I got to the marina entrance, I stopped for a minute and then followed the green buoys back to the east side of the marina.  As I was getting out there were a couple buses of tourists milling around the parking lot.  A few of them asked me if the water was cold and how often I come out.

It was a pretty laid back swim and it felt good to stretch out my sore muscles.  I like swimming in the mornings, but it is so dark that I would have to start at 7:00am and then I would get to work late.  I may have to switch to swimming in the afternoons.


Rachel Wagner. said...

You are awesome for swimming today at the GSL. I decided to take today off but I will be back in the pool tomorrow morning!
Thanks for always pushing yourself and inspiring me.

Gords said...

I'm definitely doing afternoon OW swims from now on. The sun doesn't even come up over the mountains till 8 now.

Just so you know, I'm planning on swimming Thursday afternoons at GSL Marina. Not sure if you can do Thursday evenings or not, but that's what I'm planning. Once I get released from scouts (hopefully in November), I'll then be available on Tuesdays too. For sure I'm doing an OW swim (or dip) year round at least once a week!

Josh said...

Thank you for pushing yourself and inspiring me!


I should be good for Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. What time were you thinking? I'm planning on once a week during the winter too and I know Goody is as well. Do you need help with anything for the SDRC meet?