Tuesday Night Swim at Bountiful Lake - 57 Degrees

Pretty, but chilly, evening at Bountiful Lake.
 After talking to Jake and Gords, this week's Wasatch Front Polar Bear Club swim was not going to work on the regularly scheduled Thursday evening.  Jake and I still needed our cold water fix, so we decided to go tonight.

It was a chilly day today with air temperatures in the 40's.  The water was also chilly, but was warmer than the air.  I picked up a new thermometer on my way out to Bountiful Lake and dropped it in the water after meeting Jake in the parking lot.  57 degrees!  This was almost 5 full degrees colder than last week!

Our entry point.  All in seems to work better for me than slowly wading in.
We were waiting around for Sabrina and my boys to show up and Jake and I started getting cold and also started psyching ourselves out a little.  We started jogging around to try to keep warm and thought that we need to start a pre-jump ritual (like jogging or jumping jacks or something) to have everyone do before jumping in.

Once Sabrina and the boys showed up, we had to wait for a couple who was getting their bridal pictures taken to move off of the dock so we could jump in.  We had hesitated and waited long enough, so I immediately jumped in after they left.  The water was cold, but was not as bad as I had imagined it would be.

Me heading out to the second dock (on the upper left corner of the photo).
Since we were already cold, our plan was to swim out to the second dock and back.  If we felt good, we would swim a triangular path going from the second pier, to the island and then back to the start.  I swam out to the dock and then stopped to see where Jake was.  My skin was stinging from the cold, but other than that I felt pretty good.  It always takes me a couple hundred yards to get over the initial shock.  We decided to swim the triangular course and headed to the island.  My arms felt really tight on the way back to the dock.  I realized that I go out way too hard when I first jump in and kind of wear myself out.  I will need to practice relaxing when I first jump in.
Jake right after jumping in.
I have been reading Lynne Cox's new book, "South With the Sun" (which is awesome by the way), and in it she talks about swimming in 28.8 degree water!  She said that after one swim, she got dressed and then hiked back to her hotel and told how that helped her to warm back up.  I decided to go for a little jog after getting out of the water to try to warm up faster and it seemed to help.

Hanging out after the swim.
The Wasatch Front Polar Bear Club meets again on Friday at 5:30pm.  We'll be swimming at the Great Salt Lake and will meet at Saltair at 5:30pm.  Hopefully we can get some more people to start coming!


Katie said...

Great pics! I love the first one. The lake temperatures in AZ are just starting to hit the mid-to-low 70s. I'm hoping to keep going out this winter if I can find anyone to go with me.

Josh said...

I wish we were still in the mid-to-low 70s here! We are hoping to go once a week through the winter. We will have to go to the Great Salt Lake when this lake freezes over (the Great Salt Lake doesn't freeze because of the high salt content).

Swimming Vacation said...

Well done, nice swimming. I see you have swimming safety device along. Smart. Keep swimming on!