Utah Swimmer Profiles

I have met so many cool people this year through group swims, clinics, races and Facebook that I think you should get to know them as well.  I want to put together a "swimmer profile" on some of these great Utah swimmers that would include photos, how they got into open water swimming, accomplishments, most memorable swims and races, favorite places to swim, favorite gear, etc.  I already have a pretty good sized list of people that I want to profile and I hope to be sending out emails soon to see if they want to participate.  I am also looking for suggestions on people you would like to see profiled and what questions you would like to ask them.  If I can get enough people to participate, I want to add a permanent tab at the top of the page with links to each profile.

I'm pretty excited about it!  What do you think?


Gords said...

I think its a good idea. A who's who of Utah OW swimming. Sounds like a sweet idea. Maybe it'll encourage folks to get out more so they can get their mug on the page.
However, in my opinion, I think the profiles should be in alphabetical order so there isn't any perceived hierarchy or ranking.

Josh said...

I think it will be cool. I am going to put together a list of sample questions and then start sending them out to see who wants to have their profile on the page. I will post them in the order than I get them, but I will list them alphabetically when I add the tab.

Matt Gerrish said...

Sounds like a great idea.