Extreme Winter Swimming DVD

It seems like quite a while ago that Jack Bright, winter swimmer and director of the film Extreme Winter Swimming, was raising money through the website IndieGoGo to finish the film.  After watching the trailer and being completely amazed, I chipped in a little money to help get the film made (my name even shows up in the credits!).  Here is the trailer:

I got an email a week or so ago that said the film had been finished and that the DVD's would be shipping out soon.  Today I got my copy in the mail and I couldn't wait to watch it!

It is a short film, only 29 minutes long, but is very well made and I thought it was incredibly interesting.  It follows the history of winter swimming in the Czech Republic, including a modern day winter swimming club.  These guys are swimming in water that is 4 degrees Celsius (39.2 degrees Fahrenheit) and below.  They even have organized winter swimming races of up to 750 meters.
I was really impressed at how well organized the group is and how many people show up to participate in and watch their events.  There is even a cheer that they yell before the races and a christening ceremony at the start of each season.  I noticed a large percentage of swimmers swimming breaststroke, which I thought was interesting.  I have yet to get in water that cold and am curious to see how my body will react.

I highly recommend the film.  It would be fun to get the Wasatch Front Polar Bear Club to watch it together.  If anyone is interested it seeing it, let me know.


Gords said...

Maybe show it at the Christmas party get together on the 17th?

The film makes me want to organize our own little race on new years day or something.

Jack Bright said...

Hi, glad you enjoyed it. There are a mix of swimmers, both in age and skill, swimming freestyle and breaststroke. Actually we had a few technical problems with the camerawork and typically this always happened during a race which was very frustrating.Please show to friends (privately) but dont upload the film to the internet. So far it is only released in film festivals in the Czech republic and the people from indiegogo and similar like you have the dvd. if you can help get it in festivals or us tv let me know. By the way I am involved with the Bering Strait swim 2012, we just swam in the Norton sound at Nome (-1c).

Josh said...

Gords, great idea showing it at the party. I was also thinking we should organize a race.

Jack, The film is great! I really enjoyed it. What you guys do is amazing! I will do what I can to promote the film here. I read about the Bering Straight Swim and wish you the best of luck!

Jack Bright said...

Guys, I just released the film on DVD via my blog, so if anyone wants a copy they can get it here

Josh said...

Thanks for the update Jack, I will let people here know that they can order the DVD!