100 x 100

I was invited to join a couple groups who are doing the traditional 100 x 100 holiday workout tomorrow morning , but I had already committed to meet with the Wasatch Front Polar Bear Club for a Christmas Eve polar bear plunge.  I've never done this workout before and I really wanted to try it, so I ended up doing it by myself at the pool this morning.

I chose an interval of 1:30 and made the first few on about 1:18.  After that, I settled into a more normal pace and held 1:22 for quite a while.  I dropped down to 1:24 to 1:25 near the end and finished with a sprint at 1:09.

I felt like my energy level was pretty good the whole way through and 2.5 hours went by really fast.  Near the end my arms and shoulders were getting tired from swimming faster than usual, but I never felt like my stroke was falling apart.

As I was finishing up, a girl in the lane next to me (who had been there for a while and was pretty fast) moved into my lane to make room for the water aerobics class.  She asked if I was training for an Ironman and I told her that I wanted to swim across Bear Lake.  "Me too!" she said.  We talked about it for a while and when I told her how long the swim was she seemed surprised, thinking that it was shorter.  It would be cool if she really did it, the more the merrier!  I've also recently run into some Deer Creek swimmers at the pool.  We are a relatively small group and it's always fun to find someone else who has swam in the event.

Tomorrow I will be joining several other brave souls at 9:00am at the GSL Marina for a Christmas Eve polar bear plunge.  I'm hoping it turns into an annual tradition!

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Erin said...

Do you want to join us next Saturday? The 100x100 is actually on Dec. 31! Congrats though on doing it.