35 or 37 Degrees? Call it 35!

This afternoon was the first of two Wasatch Front Polar Bear Club swims this week (the second is Christmas Eve morning at 9:00am).  When I pulled up, Jim was all ready to go and waiting in his truck.  Gordon pulled up right behind me with his parents and other family members.  It was windy outside and we wasted no time getting down to the boat ramp.

"Post plunge" gear lined up and laid out on the dock for quick re-heating.

As usual, Gords was the first one to get ready and dove right in and started swimming.  Jim and I took a little longer getting ready and then waded into the water.  I could tell right away that it was colder than last week.  The most painful thing about getting water this temperature has been my fingers.  They feel like they have been smashed as soon as they are in the water.  Jim and I floated around for a while and then swam back.  We were probably in the water for about 2 minutes.

We dried off and got dressed as quick as we could so that we were protected from the wind.  Gords came in a little while after we got out.  That guy has some serious will power to force himself to swim that far.  It's got to look pretty funny to outsiders to see us get out and then try to get dressed with numb fingers...I couldn't do the button on my shorts.  After getting dressed, I pulled my thermometer out and it read 37 degrees.  Gords' thermometer came in a little lower at 35 degrees.  It seems like we are always about 2 degrees apart.  Jim told us that he was going with 35 degrees.

Gords gave me a great Christmas present (I won't say what it is to spoil the surprise for others) and one to give to Jake when I see him next.  Thanks Gords!

I am just starting to get full feeling in my fingertips as I type this, but am ready to go again on Saturday morning.  It should be a good crowd with several newbies, I can't wait to see their faces when they get in!

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