Christmas Eve Swim

What better way to celebrate Christmas Eve than by joining a group of other crazy people for a polar plunge?

Christmas Eve Crew: Mike, Logan, Gords, Josh, Jim and Michelle.
I met Gords, Jim, Michelle, Mike and Logan at the marina.  I have been talking to Michelle for a while on Facebook, and it was good to finally meet her in person today.

It was chilly outside and there was frost covering all of the docks.  We took the water temperature with three different thermometers and got three different readings ranging from 32 degrees to 34 degrees.  No matter which thermometer you go with, this was officially the coldest water I have ever been in!

Gords took off on a slightly shorter course than usual.  Jim, Michelle and I went out to the end of the dock and then Jim and I headed back while Michelle swam out a little farther.  I think Mike came out to the end of the shorter dock and his son Logan came in up to his knees.

And we're off!  (Photo from Jim Hubbard)
The water didn't feel any colder than it did on Thursday, even though it was a couple degrees lower.  The part that really sucks about getting in water at this temperature is that it REALLY hurts my fingers.  It is extremely difficult to get dressed after getting out of the water because they are so cold and hurt so bad.  I think Jim had the right idea by putting on thick mittens after getting out.  My fingertips are still tingling and it is now well over 12 hours since getting out of the water.

Michelle brought some hot soup and breakfast burritos, which was really nice.  The hot soup especially was good for warming back up.  Thanks Michelle!

I had a great time and it was cool to see three new people there.  I am hoping that this will become an annual tradition and that we can get more people to come next year.

We have two more swims / polar plunges coming up next week: 4:30pm on Thursday and 9:00am Saturday morning (New Year's Eve).

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Rachel Wagner. said...

Nice job Michele representing the girls! Merry Christmas everyone!