Goals for 2012

As the new year approaches, it's time to start thinking about goals for next year.  Here is a list of some of my swimming goals for the coming year:

Continue to train for Bear Lake
Go once at least once a week through the winter with the Wasatch Front Polar Bear Club
Volunteer as kayak support for Ironman St. George
Stansbury Aqua-Velo (swim and bike only, no run)
Improve the quality of weekly group swims and clinics
Run a great 1-mile race at the Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim
15-mile training swim at Jordanelle Reservoir
Antelope Island to Black Rock
Pace swim for Gords' English Channel Swim
Lengthwise crossing of Bear Lake
Swim down a part of the Green and/or Snake River
Swim in some new places

 What are some of your swimming goals for 2012?


Michelle said...

When you say 'run' the one mile GSL race I assume you don't mean that literally? I will take chlorine any day over that other dreaded, joint pounding sport... ;)

my goals for 2012 are--

1) completing the 10 mile deer creek open water race
2) swimming 12 miles consecutive by the end of the year
3) swimming a 19 minute mile by the end of the year

i think the 19 minute mile will be the hardest and i don't know if that is realistic but i am going to aim for it anyways! one of my favorite parts of open/cold water swimming is expanding what realistic means :)

the events i want to participate in are--

the nike swim miami (4/21- 10k)
jamie's swim camp (5/17-20)
GSL swim (6/9- 8.1 mi)
deer creek swim (8/13- 10 mi)
bridge to bridge (9/29- 10k)

i'm not set on the last event, and am considering the horsetooth race in colorado and slam the dam as well...

here's to a wonderful 2012!

Matt Gerrish said...

No Deer Creek this year?

Josh said...

Michelle - Nice list of goals! Good luck with them! Gords and I are the race directors for the Great Salt Lake Race, so when I say "run" I mean "run the show".

Matt - I will be in England with Gords on the same day as Deer Creek so I am going to miss it this year.