Jamie Patrick's Swim Camp 2012

Gordon posted on his blog yesterday about getting an invite to attend Jamie Patrick's Swim Camp at Hidden Valley Lake.  I watched the promo video (see below) and the camp looked amazing!  Gords sent Goody and I an email, suggesting that the three of us go down to the camp together.

The idea of the three of us taking a road trip to an open water swim camp lead by Jamie Patrick got me really excited and I emailed Jamie today to see if there was room for me to come.  He emailed right back and said that Goody and I were both welcome to come to the camp.  He said the camp would be pretty informal, which is just my style.  Next I needed to run it past my wife, Sabrina, and get her approval.  She is extremely supportive of my swimming adventures and encouraged me to take the trip.  So...I'm going!

I am so excited about the camp!  In addition to Jamie Patrick, there will also be some other big name swimmers in attendance and it will be awesome to meet them and learn from their experiences.  The camp includes lodging, food and swimming for only $15 a day!  What an incredible deal!  With multiple swims each day, it will be good early season open water training for my Bear Lake swim.


Rob D said...

cool! I just decided to go today as well. I'll see you kids out there :)

Josh said...

Rob that's awesome! It will be a blast!