New Year's Eve Polar Plunge

The usual Wasatch Front Polar Bear Club crew (Gords, Goody, Jim and I) met two new guys (Dave and Tyson) at the Great Salt Lake Marina this morning for a New Year's Eve "polar plunge".  It was pretty windy when we pulled up and there were some good sized waves making their way to shore.  If the water was warmer I would have liked to try to body surf some of them!

New Year's Eve swimmers (Gords, Jim, Goody, Dave, Tyson and Josh)
We stripped down to our lycra and headed into the water.  Jim and Gords were first, followed by me, Dave, Goody and Tyson.  I dove in and swam out to the end of the dock and then hung out there for a while with Jim and Goody.  It was fun to watch Dave and Tyson get in for the first time!

Gords did his usual swim and really impressed Dave and Tyson (the rest of us have been impressed for weeks).  I feel like I am able to get over the cold shock a lot quicker and think I am going to start trying to swim out a littler further than I have been.  The water temp today was between about 36 and 38 (depending on the thermometer).

I got this awesome cap from Goody for Christmas!  While technically we have not been below 0 degrees Celsius, we are getting there!  I'll feel like I really earned it once we get below 0.

Awesome Christmas gift from Goody!
One of the hardest things about doing this is that my fingers are so numb when I get out that it's hard to get dressed.  Imagine trying to button and zip your pants when you can't feel your fingers!

We all hung around and chatted for a while and we got to tell Tyson and Dave about swimming in the Great Salt Lake and the Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim (registration opens at midnight by the way...).

It was a great way to end the year!  I glad to have a group of crazy friend to do this with every week.  Thanks guys!


Dave Smith said...

Guys, it was great chilling with you. I'd love to come back next year!

Looking back on the swim, I think I paniced when my breathing became short. I could go longer next time, armed with this foreknowledge.

Thanks again!

Josh said...

Dave, we're glad you guys came! It's always fun to have new guys there.

The initial struggle to get control of your breath in called "cold shock". It usually lasts about a minute or less and then all you have to worry about it the painful cold!

I hope you'll be back to swim again!