"Warm" Before the Storm

Today is Thursday, which meant it was time to make my weekly trip down to the Great Salt Lake Marina to meet the other members of the Wasatch Front Polar Bear ClubGords, his wife Cathi and Jim were already there when I pulled up and my wife Sabrina was not too far behind.

It was an unusually warm winter day in Salt Lake today, with the temperature in the 50's (which usually means that there is a storm coming).  The higher air temperature made me feel more confident about today's swim.  When we checked the temperature, it was about two degrees higher that it was last Saturday, which puts it at about 36 degrees.  Gords sat this swim out due to a cold, so it was just Jim and I who got in.

Walking into the water.  You've got to commit to getting all the way in once you step in, hesitation only makes it easier to chicken out.  (Photo by Gords)
The two of us waded into the water and I decided to do some actual swimming instead of just floating around.  I swam out to the end of the dock and then decided to keep going.  My face was killing me and my legs felt like they do when they "fall asleep", only from my butt all the way down to my toes.  I swam out almost to the end of the sailboats and then turned around.  The round trip was probably about 100 yards.  Jim decided to stay in the water until I got back and then we both got out.

Near the end of my swim.  (Photo by Gords)
Gords gave me a neoprene cap for Christmas, and that thing does wonders in the cold water.  Except for my face, I didn't even feel the cold on my head.  Shortly after we got out of the water, dried off and got dresses, a couple duck hunters pulled up in their boat.  Cathi told them that we had just been in the water swimming and they couldn't believe it.

Jim and I at the end of our swim. (Photo by Gords)
Next up is the New Year's Eve swim / dip / plunge on Saturday morning at 9:00am.  We are hoping to beat our previous record for number of swimmers (which was 6 on Christmas Eve).  If you've been thinking about coming with us, or want to do something crazy to finish off the year, this would be a great time to do it!

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