1 Hour USMS Postal Swim

Instead of going to my usual pool for a workout this morning, I went to the Salt Lake Sports Complex to meet up with some other swimmers to do the 1 hour USMS Postal swim.  The basic idea is that you try to see how many yards you can swim in one hour while someone else keeps track of your splits and yardage.

I got there early to get warmed up and swam 1,000 alternating between free and back.  I was a record keeper for Randy and Kyle who swam in the first heat.  Will Reeves was really organized and had split sheets, pencils, clipboards and stopwatches all ready to go.  Both Randy and Kyle put up some impressive yardage in their one hour swims.

I got in a lane with Will and did another 500 warm up.  My training has been focused on keeping a relatively easy and consistent pace around 1:30 per 100 for my Bear Lake swim.  I have been caught up in trying to swim a lot of yards at, or slightly below, that pace and have not been doing a whole lot of speed work.  I knew I could get 4,000 yards at an easy pace and was shooting for anything over 4,200.

Will and I shared a lane for the swim and I stayed with him for the first 150 or so and then he started pulling away.  After a while he lapped me...and then lapped me again.  I felt like my stroke and pace were fairly consistent, although I probably went out a little fast at the start.  Apart from a couple near collisions with Will, the swim was pretty uneventful...just kept plugging away.  After Will passed me the second time, I figured we must be getting pretty close to an hour and I picked up my pace.  By the time 60 minutes was up, I was in a near sprint.  I felt great and had plenty of energy at the end.  I was surprised to learn that I had swam 4,425 yards!  That was 225 more than I was hoping for and I felt pretty good about it.  If my math is right, which it may not be, I was averaging 1:21 per 100.

As we were standing around in the pool, Kate and Erin came in to do their 1 hour swims.  I can't wait to hear how they did.

A big thanks to Will for getting this organized and for being prepared with all the supplies to keep track of our splits.  I had a great time and look forward to participating in the other USMS postal events this year.


Unknown said...

You stud! Grats Josh.

Gords said...

I keep telling you that you've gotten faster this past year, and this proves it. Nice job!

Erin said...

Nice job on your swim. I did 3500 and was happy with that amount. I have to admit that I got super bored in the middle and felt like the hour was never going to end. Kate loved every minute and couldn't believe how fast it had gone by.

Josh said...

Thanks guys! I feel like my training is really paying off. I had a blast and look forward to doing more postal events.

Erin, nice job! 500 more than you were shooting for!