Breakthrough and Swimming in the Snow

Jim Hubbard posted on the Wasatch Front Polar Bear Club Facebook page last night that he and his friend Tim were going out to the marina this morning.  I wanted to go, but also needed to get in some yards at the pool.  It was snowing when I woke up this morning, so I was even more excited to go to GSL.  I ended up doing a shortened workout of 6,100 yards at the pool.  I was doing sets of 500 (for time, kick, pull) and surprised myself on the three that I timed.  I ended up at 6:22 on the first, 6:17 on the second and 6:09 on the last one.  My 500 time from the South Davis meet a couple months ago was 6:21!  I guess all this hard work is paying off.  I'm making it a goal to break 6 minutes.  I haven't done that since high school.

On my way out to the lake, Goody called.  He wanted to come this morning, but it was such short notice that he wasn't able to make it in time.  I met Jim and Tim in the parking lot and they had already taken the temperature (34.8 degrees) and Tim had waded in up to his knees.  It was still snowing lightly and there were some duck hunters at the ramp putting their air boat in the water.  Man, those things look awesome!  Without wasting too much time, we stripped down and walked down to the water.  I ran in, dove, and swam out to the end of the dock and waited for Jim to catch up before heading back.  It was Tim's first time and he got in and then right back out.  He seemed pretty excited about the experience and was already talking about coming back again!

This is not the best picture, but the sky was clearing when we were leaving and Antelope Island was covered in snow and looking beautiful!

Great morning of swimming!

There are a couple organized "polar plunges" coming up that the club is going to be attending.  Hopefully we'll see some of you there!

North Davis Preparatory Academy - Saturday January 21 in Ogden

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