DIY Polar Bear Plunge

Wasatch Front Polar Bear Club (Josh, Gords, Goody and Michelle)

Today was supposed to be the Utah Polar Bear Swim at Utah Lake.  However, the event organizers failed to make it clear on their website and Facebook page that the event had been postponed until NEXT year.  Gords and I had both registered online and each paid $35 to participate.  You would think that they would have sent us an email to let us know that it had been cancelled and offered to refund our money...but they didn't.  We weren't the only ones that were confused by the website (which clearly still has today's date right on the home page) because another guy showed up while we were there looking for the event.  Adrian had raised $200 for charity from co-workers to take the plunge!  I just hope that all of the money that we paid/raised ends up going to the charities that we chose.
Members of the Wasatch Front Polar Bear Club at Utah Lake (Josh, Gords, Michelle and Goody)

Anyway, we decided that since we were all there that we were going to make the best of it and at least get a group photo taken standing on the ice.  The lake was completely frozen over, and even jumping up an down on it, we could only get small cracks.

Taking out my frustration from the event being cancelled.

After taking a photo, Goody and I decided to try to break a hole in the ice with some of the big rocks laying around.  It took several tries, slamming the rocks into the ice, but we ended up with a hole that was big enough to get in.  The only problem was that the water was only a foot deep!  We made the best of the situation and all took turns sitting in the water a posing for pictures and videos.  Our new friend Adrian got in as well and is hopefully going to come with us to the Great Salt Lake next week.

It would have been fun to participate in an organized plunge like we had planned, but I think I had as much fun just messing around with my friends.  My boys also had fun walking around on the ice (close to shore) and Sabrina always seems to have a good time watching us make fools of ourselves.

The hole.

It's too late this year, but I think next year it would be cool to organize a winter swimming race (which could also include a polar plunge for those not wanting to swim).

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Gords said...

I never did thank you guys for taking the time to bust that hole in the ice. I didn't think you'd get a hole big enough and sure enough you made the trip worth the drive. Thanks for all you do Josh.

It was fun. I'm looking forward to next Saturday. Hopefully that turns out to be a top notch thing, but just in case, see if you can borrow that chainsaw. :)