Rainy and 39 at the Great Salt Lake


The Wasatch Front Polar Bear Club was back to the Great Salt Lake this afternoon after a couple weeks of Saturday plunges at other lakes.  It was raining a little when I pulled into the marina.  When I pulled in, I saw that I was the last one there so I hurried and got down to the boat ramp.

Today's swimmers were Gords, Goody, Jim, Goody's friend Nate, and myself.  It's always fun to have a new guy who has never done it before!

Nate and Goody getting ready to swim.
Gords was the first one in and swam out to the end of the marina and back.  Goody got in next and started swimming out to the end of the dock.  I was the third one in.  When I dove into the water, my goggles peeled off of my face.  Luckily my eyes were closed.  I managed to shake some of the water off of my hands and then wipe my eyes.  You do NOT want to get this water in your eyes...it stings like a @$*%#!  After putting on my goggles, I swam out to the end of the dock and met up with Goody.  Goody kept going and swam another 25 yards.  Jim was also on his way out by this time and swam out to where Goody was while I waited for them at the end of the dock.  When I looked back to the ramp, Nate was already dressed and waiting for us.

Last one it, last one out.  Jim finishing up his swim.
The water today was about 39 degrees, warmer than it was a couple weeks ago, and it was also pretty warm outside.  Nate said something about how good it felt to get out of the water, and I have to agree.

Gords handed off some of the fridge magnets he had made to promote the Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim for me to mail out.  The magnets look great and I hope our swimmers will like them.  If you want a magnet, check out our event website and fill out the form.  He also got our permit application from Dave Shearer so that I can turn it in to get our sanction from USMS.

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