Sunset and Swimming at the Great Salt Lake

Not much to report this week.  We came.  We swam.  We shivered.  We saw a beautiful sunset.

It was still sunny when I met Gords and Goody at the Great Salt Lake marina.  We hung around talking on the dock for a while and took some temperature readings.  As usual, Gords and my thermometers are about two degrees apart, ranging form about 36 to 38 degrees.

All our clothes and gear organized and lined up for a quick recovery after getting out of the water.
Gords took off on his usual 250 yard route while Goody and I watched.  My new routine is to charge into the water, dive in, and swim out to the end of the dock.  I made it to the end of the dock and turned around to see Goody going under the water.  I did breaststroke back to the ramp and got out.  My fingers didn't hurt nearly as bad as they did last week.

After Gords got back and we all got dressed, we talked for a while about some of our swimming plans and trips for the coming year.  It's going to be a good year for open water swimmers in Utah.  We also agreed that the "cold shock" doesn't seem to last as long as it did even a few weeks ago.

The Great Salt Lake has got to be one of the best places in the world to watch the sun set.  The picture does not due justice to the color and beauty, but here is is anyway...

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Rachel Wagner. said...

Pretty photo. I can't wait until my muscles will let me enjoy the swims with you.