~700 Yards in 45 Degree Water

I met Goody and Jim at the GSL Marina this afternoon for our weekly Wasatch Front Polar Bear Club swim.  There was a truck with three guys that pulled in just ahead of me, and they must have recognized Goody from another swim because they started talking to him and asking him how far he was going to swim today.  They followed us down to the boat ramp and seemed to be pretty interested in what we were doing.  They stayed and watched until we got out!

The water temperature was 45 degrees, a full three degrees warmer than last week.  I couldn't tell a difference when I first stepped in but, after swimming a little while, it did seem to be warmer than last week.

I was not really motivated to swim very far today, but once I got going I felt pretty good so I kept at it.  I swam out to the opposite end of the marina, near the opening, and touched the rocks (and scrapped my chest on them too).  Goody was right behind me and once he stopped, he asked "how good are you feeling?"  I was feeling pretty good at that point and he suggested that we swim out the the red buoy just outside of the marina.  We both swam out to the buoy, touched it, and headed back.

Once I got back into the marina, I saw that Jim had come out to meet us.  The three of us swam in together.  Goody and I were in for just under 13 minutes and Jim stayed in for over 15.  I figure that Goody and I did about 700 yards.  One of the park rangers was waiting for us at the ramp and stayed around to talk to us for a while.  I should have got his name, he was a nice guy.

I don't remember ever shaking as much as I did today after a swim.  Luckily it only lasted about 10 minutes.  I think we have definitely made it through the coldest water temperatures and are going to see them continue to rise.  Once we get to about 50 degrees or so, I will try for a mile.

Even though I wasn't particularly excited to swim today, I ended up having a great time.  Thanks to Goody, I swam a lot farther than I had planned.  Can't wait for next week!

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Gotta love peer pressure!