Bear Lake Swim (1/2 Mile, 7 Mile and 7 Mile Relay)

In case you haven't heard, there is going to be a new open water race in Utah this year!  The inaugural Bear Lake Swim will take place on Saturday August 25, 2012 and will feature 1/2 mile, 7 mile and 7 mile relay distances.  The race is USMS sanctioned.  There is a good possibility that there will be a special award for those who swim the 10 mile at Deer Creek, the 8.12 Mile at Great Salt Lake and the 7 Mile at Bear Lake.

The 1/2 mile course will be an out-and-back swim from the beach near Garden City Park.  The 7 mile course is a point-to-point swim from Cisco Beach, across the lake, to the beach near Garden City Park.  You can round up six other friends to put together a 7-swimmer relay team.  Prices are pretty reasonable at $40 for the 1/2 mile, $60 for the 7-mile and $160 for the relay.

This is great news for open water swimming in Utah.  It sounds like a great event and I am planning on entering the 7-mile individual swim.  Check out the website for more information.  You can also register on Active.com.


Unknown said...

They should name the award the "Utah Triple Crown"

Josh said...

Goody, I think that's the plan.

Matt Gerrish said...

It should be a championship belt like Aaron Rodgers'. Haha.