Longest Swim to Date!

Gords, Josh, Goody and Kim.

I decided to take advantage of the holiday and go for a long pool swim with some friends.  I met Gords, Goody and Kim at SDRC at 5:00am and we got in the water at about 5:05.  We all had different goals: Goody and Kim were going for 10,000 yards, I wanted to get 20,000 and Gords "the machine" was going for 35,000.

My fuel for today's swim was Perpetuem and Achiva Energy Native Energy Beans.
I wanted this swim to simulate a long distance swim as much as I could so I settled on swimming 10 x 2,000 with no equipment.  It sounds really boring, but it actually wasn't as bad as I thought because I had friends there swimming with me.  I had three bottles of Perpetuem mixed up and ready to go as well as three packages of Achiva Energy's Native Energy Beans that my friend Eric gave me to try.  I drank about 1/3 of a bottle after each 2,000 and ate a packet of the chia beans every third 2,000.  A few times, the Perpetuem started coming up and I had to fight it back down, but other than that it worked great.  It was nice to have something solid every once in a while and the chia beans were a treat that I looked forward to.

I actually felt really good!  I was able to hold a pretty steady 30 minutes for each 2,000 (about 1:30 per 100).  My energy level was great the whole way through, although my arms and shoulders started to get a little tired towards the end.  At the halfway point, I took two ibuprofen (I didn't take any before the swim) and only had very minimal pain.  Goody pointed out that my left arm was crossing over, and I spent the last 10,000 yards trying to focus on fixing it.

Goody and Kim finished their 10K workout, and I was more than a little jealous that they were getting out and going to breakfast!

Gords and I got synced up every once in a while on our sets and ended up swimming side by side for 1,000 to 2,000 yards at a time.  It was pretty fun and I was happy that I could keep up with him.  It kept me from slacking off and taking it too easy.  I'm starting to feel more confident that I'm not going to slow him down when I pace swim on his English Channel swim.

At the end of 20,000 yards, I felt like I could have kept going, but decided that reaching my goal was good enough and that I didn't need to push it.  I'm happy with where my training has taken me to this point, but I also realized at the end of this swim that I am going to need to step it up over the next several months to be able to make it across Bear Lake.

What spending five and a half hours in the water does to your fingers.

This was my longest swim (pool or open water) to date!  20,000 yards ends up being about 11.36 miles which is a little more than half of the way across Bear Lake (although if you take the flipturns into account, it's probably less than that).  Hopefully it warms up soon so that I don't have to spend this long in the pool again to get in a long swim!

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