QUAC Ski-n-Swim Meet

I had a great time at QUAC's Ski-n-Swim meet today!  QUAC has got to be the best organized club in the state.  They ran a great meet and I think everyone there had a lot of fun.

I got to meet Ben Lariviere who is organizing the Bear Lake Swim.  He is a super nice guy and is really excited about his race.  He's got some great ideas and I can wait to see how the event turns out.  Gords and I set out some magnets and entry forms and Jim was also there with some Deer Creek materials.

I had agreed to join a relay team with Gords, Goody and Chad Starks.  We entered all three relays (200 free, 200IM and "Martini").  We actually won the 200 free relay and I think we got second on the other two.  Not bad!  I hope we can get this team together again in some of the upcoming meets.

Josh, Gordon, Goody and Chad.
I entered the 50 free, 500 free and 100 free and was pretty happy with all of my times.  I ended up with 26.15 on the 50 (I did 25.76 in the 200 free relay), 6:01.01 on the 500 (so close to breaking 6 minutes!) and 58.40 (I was hoping to get under a minute and didn't expect to go this fast, especially after the 500).  My friends all did great!  Many of them did better than they expected and improved their times.
A cool feature of the online system used at the meet is that you can see a graph of your splits.  Obviously I went out WAY too fast on the first 50 and then settled into a good pace.  I "sprinted" the last 50.

All in all, a great day!

I have been out of Perpetuem for a while and went to pick up some more before Monday's 10 mile pool swim.  They only had the single-serve pouches, so I got a few of those.  My friend Eric and Achiva Energy also brought me some of their new Native Energy Beans that I will try out on Monday.

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