Couldn't Say No

Goody texted me this morning asking if I wanted to go out to GSL again this afternoon.  After a great swim yesterday and knowing that the weather is going to turn cold next week, I couldn't say no.

We met at the marina a little later than usual.  There were a couple guys on motorcycles that were watching us while we got ready.  They asked Sabrina if we were really going to swim and what the water temperature was.  For whatever reason, the water had cooled down a degree from yesterday and was 54 degrees.  I don't know what the air temperature was, but it was definitely warmer than yesterday and the wind was not nearly as strong.

We swam pretty much the same route as yesterday with a little added onto the end.  The water temperature out in the lake was really weird today.  There were patches of really cold water and also patches of pretty warm water.  On the way back in a sailboat was coming back into the marina.  I think it must have stirred up some of the deeper, colder water because it was pretty cold on the way back in.

It was a nice swim and I'm glad Goody invited me to come with him.  I pushed the right button on my Hydro Tracker today so I was able to capture the swim instead of turning it off:  http://www.finisinc.com/streamline/share/workout/view/4f7662ddbed25

SPOT GPS Messenger

SPOT GPS Messenger (photo from www.findmespot.com)
Several people have been asking if there will be a way that they can follow Goody's Catalina Channel swim, Gordon's English Channel swim and my Bear Lake swim online.  I am happy to say that there is!  We just picked up a SPOT GPS Messenger this afternoon that will allow anyone to follow our progress online via Google Maps, the SPOT Adventures site, Facebook or Twitter.  We can even send pre-programmed messages at different points.  Isn't technology awesome?!

We will also be making the SPOT available to other swimmers in the community to use on their swims for a small fee that will go towards the annual service fee we have to pay.  

There are some great swims happening this year and hopefully this tool will help us to keep track of them all!


Good Group at GSL Tonight

We had our biggest group of the year out at GSL tonight with seven swimmers!  The weather was looking "iffy" this afternoon and it started raining briefly.  Rain doesn't bother me, I actually like swimming in the rain if there is no lightning.  By the time I got out to the marina, it was breezy and partly cloudy with no rain.  The water temperature was 55 degrees.

Jim was already in the water while the rest of us were still arriving and getting ready.  Gords went for the year's first swim of the Gridley Straight (the 1 mile stretch between the marina and Black Rock), and went out and back for a total of 2 miles.  It was James Jonsson's first time swimming at GSL and he seemed to be having a great time and liked the feeling of floating on top of the water.  Kevin started swimming at GSL with us last year and came out for his first swim of the year.  We didn't even make fun of him for wearing a wetsuit :)

Chad and I waited around for a little while for Goody to get to the marina.  The three of us swam out of the marina and met up with James and chatted for a while.  Just floating in the water instead of swimming was making me colder than usual.  Chad, Goody and I took off to the red buoy and then out to the new white buoy.  The weather actually cleared up quite a bit and, other than being a little windy, was really nice.  We chatted again for a while at the buoy while I tried to figure out my Hydro Tracker.  I had accidentally turned it off instead of starting it recording...oops.  We swam back to the red buoy and then back into the marina.  We were in the water about 35 minutes and swam about 1,300 yards.

By the time we got back, Jim and Kevin were gone and James had changed into his clothes.  We dried off and got dressed and then walked out to the end of the marina just as Gords was swimming into the marina.  We watched him swim the rest of the way in and cheered when he finished.

It was nice to be out in the water with a good group of guys this afternoon.  I hope the weather stays nice for next week!


Elevated Racing | Event Timing

Some of you may have already heard by now, but my dad, brother and I recently bought an event timing company.   Elevated Racing | Event Timing has been around for a few years and we are excited to be taking it over and improving on the great service that was offered by the previous owner.

What does buying a chip timing company have to do with Utah Open Water?  Well, it means that we can offer timing and finish line services for open water swims in Utah.  In fact, we will be timing the Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim and the Deer Creek Open Water Marathon Swim this year.  We are also planning on setting up our system occasionally for casual races at some of our group swims this summer.

Our timing system can do some cool things like send you a text message with your finish time, post real-time results to the web, etc.  We will be updating our website soon with more details on all of the services that we offer.

In addition to timing open water races, we can also time running, cycling, and other types of races.  If you are a race director, or know someone who is, I would love to talk to you about the ways that our company can help with your race.  In addition, we would like to extend an invitation to running, triathlon and other sport clubs to let us come and time a group workout for you for free.

If you get a chance, please "like" our Facebook page and help us spread the word!


Spring Fever!

Today was a beautiful day!  I officially have a full blown case of Spring Fever!
I met Gords and Jim at the GSL marina this afternoon.  While I was talking to them in the parking lot, my oldest son jumped out of the van and ran down to the boat ramp and started stripping off his clothes and wading into the water!  I think he's hooked!

The water temperature was 53 degrees this week, which is the same as last week.  I was a little surprised and though it would be slightly colder since we had some cold and snowy days earlier this week.  The plan was to swim the same route as last week but, once we got out the the last buoy, we decided to keep going.  Gords had the biggest smile on his face and I could tell he was as happy as I was to be out on the lake.  We swam out to another buoy that we don't use very much and then turned around and headed toward the marina opening.  I was feeling really good and decided to push it a little further by doing another lap between the two green buoys that parallel the marina.

As I was getting close to the marina opening, I started getting a weird feeling.  I don't know how to explain it really, but I felt like I was on the verge of having a panic attack.  I didn't feel particularly cold, but I had been in the water for more that double the time I was in last week.  Knowing that I had my Safe Swimmer eased my mind a little and I was able to finish the swim.

Gords finished with about 1.25 miles and Jim was in the water for 50 minutes!  I finished up with 1.55 miles in just over 46 minutes.  Here is the link to the data captured by my Hydro Tracker:  http://www.finisinc.com/streamline/share/workout/view/4f6bd0c9f0eac

Even though the water was chilly, it was SO nice to be swimming outside!  I know Gords is planning a swim to Egg Island on Saturday and I may try to get out to the marina again if I can find some time.

Polar bear season is now over and open water season has begun!


"Warm" Swim and First Test of HydroTracker


The weather has been great around here the last week or so.  I was really excited to meet Gordon, Jim and Kate (first open water swim of the year!) at the GSL Marina this afternoon.  With the warm weather, I was guessing the water would be about 50.  It was more like 53!  I guess we can't really call it polar bear swimming any more.

Jim was already in the water when I got to the ramp (I got there late).  He was going for a 30 minute swim today!  Gords wanted to swim out to the marina entrance, around the rocks and finish at Silver Sands Beach.  I have not been in the water at all for a week because I have been sick.  I also missed the last two WFPBC swims so I wasn't sure how far I wanted to go.  By the time we stopped at the marina entrance I felt great.  We swam out to the green buoy and then east to the second green buoy.  When we stopped at the second buoy we decided to go back the same way we came rather than go in to Silver Sands.  The swim back seemed to go by much faster than the swim out.  At the marina entrance, the water temperature dropped by a couple degrees so I picked up my pace.

Today was the first test of my new Finis HydroTracker, a GPS device designed specifically for open water swimming.  There are only two buttons, which makes it really easy to use in the water.  When I got home I uploaded the data to the online training log.  Click here for the link to the workout.  I ended up at 1,253 yards in about 20 minutes (counting a few quick stops).  So far, I really like the HydroTracker.  It has a super long battery life and I am hoping to use it on my Bear Lake swim.  After I get some more time to play with it, I will post a more detailed review.

When I got back to the marina, my boys and Kate's son were playing in the water.  They were fun to watch and the cold water didn't seem to bother them too much.  It was a great day for swimming.  Hopefully we get more warm days like this so that we can keep up the longer swims!


"Got Salt?" Suits Are Now Available on Splish.com!

We have been working with the great people at Splish.com on making our "Got Salt?" suits available on their website.  We were hoping to get a discount code to go along with the suits, but they went ahead and just discounted the price of the suits right on the website so there is no code needed.  Awesome!

I started wearing suits from Splish last year and have loved every one that I have ordered.  We hope to see a bunch of these suits out in the Great Salt Lake this summer!

The "Got Salt?" suits are available in both men's and women's sizes.

Men's suits are available from $27.95 to $31.95.  I recommend the PBT suits as they hold up better in chlorine.

Women's super thin strap suits range from $47.95 to $55.95.

Women's thin strap suits range from $47.95 to $55.95.