Couldn't Say No

Goody texted me this morning asking if I wanted to go out to GSL again this afternoon.  After a great swim yesterday and knowing that the weather is going to turn cold next week, I couldn't say no.

We met at the marina a little later than usual.  There were a couple guys on motorcycles that were watching us while we got ready.  They asked Sabrina if we were really going to swim and what the water temperature was.  For whatever reason, the water had cooled down a degree from yesterday and was 54 degrees.  I don't know what the air temperature was, but it was definitely warmer than yesterday and the wind was not nearly as strong.

We swam pretty much the same route as yesterday with a little added onto the end.  The water temperature out in the lake was really weird today.  There were patches of really cold water and also patches of pretty warm water.  On the way back in a sailboat was coming back into the marina.  I think it must have stirred up some of the deeper, colder water because it was pretty cold on the way back in.

It was a nice swim and I'm glad Goody invited me to come with him.  I pushed the right button on my Hydro Tracker today so I was able to capture the swim instead of turning it off:  http://www.finisinc.com/streamline/share/workout/view/4f7662ddbed25

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