Good Group at GSL Tonight

We had our biggest group of the year out at GSL tonight with seven swimmers!  The weather was looking "iffy" this afternoon and it started raining briefly.  Rain doesn't bother me, I actually like swimming in the rain if there is no lightning.  By the time I got out to the marina, it was breezy and partly cloudy with no rain.  The water temperature was 55 degrees.

Jim was already in the water while the rest of us were still arriving and getting ready.  Gords went for the year's first swim of the Gridley Straight (the 1 mile stretch between the marina and Black Rock), and went out and back for a total of 2 miles.  It was James Jonsson's first time swimming at GSL and he seemed to be having a great time and liked the feeling of floating on top of the water.  Kevin started swimming at GSL with us last year and came out for his first swim of the year.  We didn't even make fun of him for wearing a wetsuit :)

Chad and I waited around for a little while for Goody to get to the marina.  The three of us swam out of the marina and met up with James and chatted for a while.  Just floating in the water instead of swimming was making me colder than usual.  Chad, Goody and I took off to the red buoy and then out to the new white buoy.  The weather actually cleared up quite a bit and, other than being a little windy, was really nice.  We chatted again for a while at the buoy while I tried to figure out my Hydro Tracker.  I had accidentally turned it off instead of starting it recording...oops.  We swam back to the red buoy and then back into the marina.  We were in the water about 35 minutes and swam about 1,300 yards.

By the time we got back, Jim and Kevin were gone and James had changed into his clothes.  We dried off and got dressed and then walked out to the end of the marina just as Gords was swimming into the marina.  We watched him swim the rest of the way in and cheered when he finished.

It was nice to be out in the water with a good group of guys this afternoon.  I hope the weather stays nice for next week!

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