"Warm" Swim and First Test of HydroTracker


The weather has been great around here the last week or so.  I was really excited to meet Gordon, Jim and Kate (first open water swim of the year!) at the GSL Marina this afternoon.  With the warm weather, I was guessing the water would be about 50.  It was more like 53!  I guess we can't really call it polar bear swimming any more.

Jim was already in the water when I got to the ramp (I got there late).  He was going for a 30 minute swim today!  Gords wanted to swim out to the marina entrance, around the rocks and finish at Silver Sands Beach.  I have not been in the water at all for a week because I have been sick.  I also missed the last two WFPBC swims so I wasn't sure how far I wanted to go.  By the time we stopped at the marina entrance I felt great.  We swam out to the green buoy and then east to the second green buoy.  When we stopped at the second buoy we decided to go back the same way we came rather than go in to Silver Sands.  The swim back seemed to go by much faster than the swim out.  At the marina entrance, the water temperature dropped by a couple degrees so I picked up my pace.

Today was the first test of my new Finis HydroTracker, a GPS device designed specifically for open water swimming.  There are only two buttons, which makes it really easy to use in the water.  When I got home I uploaded the data to the online training log.  Click here for the link to the workout.  I ended up at 1,253 yards in about 20 minutes (counting a few quick stops).  So far, I really like the HydroTracker.  It has a super long battery life and I am hoping to use it on my Bear Lake swim.  After I get some more time to play with it, I will post a more detailed review.

When I got back to the marina, my boys and Kate's son were playing in the water.  They were fun to watch and the cold water didn't seem to bother them too much.  It was a great day for swimming.  Hopefully we get more warm days like this so that we can keep up the longer swims!

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