Busy Day at the Marina

It felt like summer today! My family and I met Chad out at the marina this afternoon for some swimming and kayaking. The marina was packed! I have never seen so many people out there in kayaks, on paddle boards, on the beach, on bikes and sailboats.

The water temperature had shot up to 64 degrees! My family and I kayaked out while Chad swam. At the second red buoy, we parted ways and we continued our adventure on the water. The boys had a blast pretending to be pirates. The whole time we were on the kayak I was thinking about getting in the water.  After getting back to the marina, I grabbed my swimming bag and got ready to go out and find Chad. I used a mix of Vaseline and lanolin for the first time today. That stuff is a mess, but works great. Just as I was getting into the water, Chad came back into the marina. We swam out to the first red buoy and chatted for a while before he had to head back to meet his wife. I did a one mile loop and then added on another quarter mile. It was so nice, I could have stayed out there all afternoon.

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