Friends of Utah State Parks

I met some nice people from Friends of Utah State Parks at REI in Salt Lake tonight.  I was so impressed with what they are all about and what they are trying to do, that I went home and signed up to become a member (only $15 for a one-year membership).

Friends of Utah State Parks is a citizens organization whose mission is to:
To preserve, protect, promote, advocate, and educate about the cultural heritage, history, natural resources and funding needs of Utah State Parks.
According to the website:
In the short term, FUSP will be working to reinstate our state parks funding to a sustainable level and on building a strong, enduring Friends organization. In the long term, FUSP will focus on how to secure new funding sources that can help keep our parks affordable to Utahns and at maintaining awareness in the political arena. FUSP remains a work in progress, with a strong vision for the future.
If you are interested in learning more about Friends of Utah State Parks or getting involved, check out their website or Facebook page.  There is also an upcoming volunteer event at Utah Lake on April 21 that will benefit Utah State Parks.  I will post more details soon.

*UPDATE* I just got an email back about the volunteer event at Utah Lake and they have reached their full capacity for volunteers.

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