A Taste of Things to Come

I met Chad and Gordon at the marina this afternoon for a quick swim.  It was a perfect day!  Air temperature was over 80 and the water temperature was 60 in the marina with some spots as high as 65 out in the lake.  We got a little taste of what things will be like in a month or so when the spring snow and rain storms calm down a little bit.

A lot of people were taking advantage of the nice weather today.  I saw a guy on a paddleboard and a few sailboats.  Sabrina saw some girls wading in the water at Silver Sands and a guy in a wetsuit who was training for an Alcatraz swim.

Today was my first day back to the lake since last week's fiasco.  I will freely admit that I was a little nervous getting back in the water.  I knew that my body would be fine today since it was so warm, but I wasn't sure how I was going to react mentally.

My only real goal was to get back in the water.  I chose a short route that was close to the marina and Gords and Chad were kind enough to swim the same route even though they probably would have rather swam out to Black Rock and back.  On the way out to the second buoy, I couldn't stop thinking about last week.  Once I forced myself to concentrate on something else, I was fine the rest of the swim.

Swimming around those four buoys is a fun little route.  It ends up being a little less than 1.25 miles.  After finishing one loop I decided to go back in even though I felt fine.  Today was all about getting back in the water after last week.  Gords and Chad did another loop before coming back in.

Here is the link to the Hydro Tracker map:  http://www.finisinc.com/streamline/share/workout/view/4f84e8cc13362

I'm hoping to get back out on Thursday, but with a busy week at work, I'm not sure I'll be able to.

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