Tuesday Afternoon Swim

Goody swimming back into the marina.
I met Gordon and Goody at the Great Salt Lake Marina this afternoon since there is supposed to be a big thunderstorm on Thursday (when we usually go).  I was excited to hear that Gords wanted to do a long swim and was looking forward to getting in some good distance.  Unfortunately, it didn't turn out that way.

It was really warm today and I thought the water temperature would easily be in the mid 60's.  Goody's thermometer read 58 and then 60 degrees.  When I put mine in after swimming, it read 68 degrees.  Gords has a thermometer on his watch and it said 67 degrees when we were out on the lake.  The Great Salt Lake Marina website said 56 degrees.  Who knows what the real temperature was, but it felt great getting in.

We met Brian, who I have chatted with a little on Facebook, in the parking lot.  He is training for Ironman St. George and wanted to get in some open water swimming.  Gords, Goody and I swam out of the marina and then west to Black Rock.  At Black Rock we re-grouped and then headed back.  Swimming to Black Rock is a lot more fun than swimming back to the marina since there is a current pushing you to Black Rock that you have to fight a little on the way back.

On the way back I started having doubts about if I would be able to do another two or more miles.  I had plenty of energy, but was feeling a little weird.  I wasn't sure if I was just psyching myself out after my scare a few weeks ago but when I met Gords back at the red buoy outside of the marina, I started getting chilled and shivering a little while waiting for Goody.  Chilled in 80 degree weather and upper 60 degree water?  What the hell?  I was embarrassed to go in after only an hour when I wanted to do a lot more and Gords and Goody were still out there.  I had no problems at all at similar temperatures last year and should have been able to stay out there for hours today.  The only thing I can think of that has changed is that I found out in October that I have mild hypothyroidism.  One of the symptoms is sensitivity to cold.  I have got to talk to my doctor and get a blood test to make sure that my levels and dosage are right.  If this keeps up, there is no way I will be able to do the Bear Lake swim.  Hopefully it's just a matter of adjusting the dosage on my medication.

Here is the link to my Hydro Tracker.  About 2.25 miles total.

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