Choppy Swim With Chad, Jim and Greg

Had another double swim day today.  I did 6,000 yards this morning at the pool.  This was less than I usually do, but I had to get to work earlier than on normal days.  I had a weird pain down the side of my left arm on the last 1,000 or so yards.  Hopefully it goes away...

I didn't think I was going to make it to the marina today until everyone was gone.  Luckily, I finished up early and made it out to the lake at the usual time.  Jim had just pulled up when I got there and Greg and Chad were right behind me.  It was good to see Greg.  Although we talk occasionally through Facebook, I haven't seen or swam with him since last year.  Goody and Gords decided to swim at the Antelope Island Marina today since it is usually a few degrees cooler than the GSL Marina.  According to Jim's thermometer, the water temp in the marina was about 68 degrees today.

There was a breeze as we were getting in but it didn't seem too bad until we got outside of the marina.  The wind was kicking up some good sized waves and it was choppy the whole time we were in the water.  Chad and I swam out to Black Rock and back and called it good.

When we got back to the parking lot, Jim and Greg were already gone.  We hung out for a while and watched some people load their sailboat onto their trailer and take down the mast.

Here is the link to my Hydro Tracker data:  http://www.finisinc.com/streamline/share/workout/view/4fac75095f9c7

In other news, we ordered the event shirts for the Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim yesterday.  I think they are going to be cool!

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