Great Day of Swimming!

I got in two swims today: one pool and one open water.  Counting showers, I figure that I spent about four hours in the water today.

This morning I did a workout that I really like.  The main set was all 500's, alternating between kick (with fins), pull and "fast".  I finished up with 8,500 yards at the pool.  I've been thinking a lot about my recent change in hypothyroidism symptoms and how it is going to affect my "open water season" this year.  This morning while swimming, I started to feel a little more optimistic.

I met the GSL crew (Goody, Gordon and Chad) at the marina this afternoon.  They were going to be swimming four laps of the Gridley Straight, for a total of over 4 miles.  I was still unsure how I was going to feel with my recent change in dosage of my medication so I decided to hang around the buoys and get in at least a mile.

My thermometer read 69 degrees in the marina!  I couldn't believe it.  It was noticeable warmer than last Thursday.  It felt great!  The thermometer on Gordon's watch ready 71 degrees at one point!

Once we got out to the first red buoy, we parted ways and the guys headed out to Black Rock and I headed out to the second red buoy.  Last night I finished reading Swim: Why We Love the Water by Lynn Sherr (great book by the way).  I learned that my hero Lynn Cox sings "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" over and over while she swims.  I decided to give it a try today.  By the time I finished the buoy loop, I was at 30 bottles of beer.  I was feeling great and decided to go for another lap.  After finishing the second lap, I waited for a minute to see if I could see the guys coming back from Black Rock.  I didn't see them, so I swam out to the white buoy and back.  When I got back to the red buoy I saw Gords, Chad and Goody coming in.  I swam out to meet them and then chatted with them for a minute before the took off again.

I had planned on meeting a guy named Steve to get him a couple Safer Swimmers so I headed back in to the marina.  I would have liked to keep going and get a couple more miles.  I felt like I was back to "normal" today and really had a lot of fun being out in the water.

Here is the data from my Hydro Tracker: http://www.finisinc.com/streamline/share/workout/view/4fa9cece5f27e


Gords said...

Good thing you had Sabrina come as a dedicated driver. 30 bottles of beer would have surely got you killed on I-80 heading home.

Ryker said...
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Ronnie said...

Nice know someone is getting in the water. Here in Kansas the water is still a little cool. I love swimming, scuba diving or just relaxing in the water. Going to open the pool this weekend.

Ronnie said...

It's been 9 months since my last dive. My sons has been sick so obviously he has been top priority. Im anxious to get back to under water adventures. Hope everyone is enjoying the last frontier that is under water life