Great Salt Lake Open Water Clinic - Recap

I had a great time at the Great Salt Lake Open Water clinic this afternoon.  I love putting these together with Gordon because I get to meet a lot of new people and see friends that I don't see very often (I even FINALLY got to meet Nathan Nelson).  Thanks to everyone who came out!

I got to the lake a little before the clinic started and Etsuko and I hopped in for a quick swim.  People were already starting to show up and get in the water as I was coming back into the marina.  I met Jason and Trevor, two swimmers from last year's race, on my way into the marina.  They didn't know we were having a clinic and just happened to come swim at the same time.

It was a big group this evening!  Other than the actual race last year, this was the biggest group of swimmers I have seen at the lake at one time.  I think we had around 25 total.

Gords and I gave some instruction on equipment, safety, techniques and the unique features of swimming in the Great Salt Lake.  After that, we got in the water and swam out to the green buoy where we met up for some pictures.  I didn't have much of a plan at this point, so I was glad that Gords took control and suggested that we do a simulated start and swim to the white buoy and back.

I took my time on the swim and then waited at the white buoy for most of the swimmers to make their turn and head back.  The group slowly split up and headed back into the marina.  I stayed out for a while talking to Chad and Matt while we waited for the last swimmers to make their way in.  I think we were floating there talking for at least a half hour.

There were some guys putting in a ski boat when we were getting out of the water.  We watched them cruise around for a while, but didn't see anyone skiing.  You don't see people bring their boats out to the lake very often (unless they are sail boats or duck hunting boats).

After we got back into the marina, I stuck around the parking lot and talked to some more of the swimmers before finally getting dressed and heading back home.  I hope that it was worthwhile for everyone who came out and that they had a good time.  There were a lot of first time GSL swimmers and I think for the most part, they liked it (at least it wasn't as bad as they thought it would be).

My Hydro Tracker looks to be out of commission.  I can't get the power to turn off and my computer won't recognize it.  On Chad's recommendation, I started a support ticket with FINIS when I got home.  It took four weeks for him to get a replacement.  I'm hoping that the battery will die tonight and that it will come back online tomorrow when I plug it in....we'll see.

Thanks again to everyone who came to the clinic!


Erin said...

I had such a good time last night. It was wonderful to swim and have such a nice group of people to swim with. Thanks for organizing the clinic and swimming with all of us.

Josh said...

Thanks Erin, I'm glad you came! Thank you for your comments during the clinic. I don't have a lot of experience swimming in women's suits :)