Interview on "The Morning Swim Show"

I was contacted by Jeff Commings, the associate producer for "The Morning Swim Show", about a week ago and was asked to give an interview and talk about the Safer Swimmer and my recent scare at the Great Salt Lake.  Thanks goes to Bruce Wigo (creator of the Safer Swimmer and CEO of the International Swimming Hall of Fame) for giving them my name and telling them about my experience.

They interview was done by the host of the show, Peter Busch, through Skype yesterday morning and can be streamed online today.

I had a whole bunch of things that I wanted to say I forgot them all once the interview started.  Hopefully I did a decent job telling my story and encouraging people to check out the Safer Swimmer.  While the Safer Swimmer certainly played a role in my safe return to shore, the real heroes were Chad Starks, Goody Tyler IV and Gordon Gridley.

They kind of played up the "he could have died" thing, which I think is a bit of an exaggeration to make the story sound more exciting.  The only way I see that having been a possibility is if I had been swimming alone, without a Safer Swimmer, and passed out.

Here is the link to the show.  You can also watch it below:

If after watching the video you decide that you might want a Safer Swimmer of your own, check out our online store or pick one up at one of our group swims or clinics. All the money we make from selling Safer Swimmers goes back into the Utah Open Water community and promoting the sport.

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