Memorial Day Swim

Look at that water!
I was eager to get out to the marina for a swim today for a couple reasons.  First, I had the day off and wanted to do something other than sit around all day.  Second, I wanted to get in a morning swim to see what the conditions and water temperature might be like for Saturday (when I plan to swim from Antelope Island to Black Rock with Gords) and how my body would react to the colder water and air temperatures.

It was warmer than I though it would be this morning and the water looked beautiful at the lake.  I don't remember ever seeing the water as clear or as calm as it was this morning, it was perfect!  I took a temperature reading in the marina at 60 degrees flat.  I was a little nervous because it has been a while since I have been in water that cold, but I needed to see where my body was at.

The water felt pretty cold for the first few hundred yards, and then got a little better.  After I got out of the marina, the temperature jumped up by probably 5 degrees and I felt pretty comfortable.  I was swimming alone (with Sabrina and the boys watching on shore) so I stayed close to the marina and just swam two laps from the marina to the white buoy and back.

On my way back into the marina on the first lap I was surprised to be hit in the head and shoulder with something.  I popped out of the water to see what had happened and saw someone from the Great Salt Lake Rowing Club.  She felt pretty bad and kept apologizing.  She even saw my Safer Swimmer buoy and still ran into me.  I am sure that she wasn't expecting me to be there and I couldn't see her when I sighted because of where the sun was.  I got a couple scratches and a minor headache, but kept swimming.

This is the bigger scratch from getting hit.
I dreaded going back into the marina at the end of each lap because it was so much colder.  I would have liked to swim longer (in the lake, not the marina) but I had already told Sabrina what my plan was and didn't want to change it up without letting her know.  I had also promised Harrison that we could go down to Black Rock (he has been begging me to take him for months), so I decided to get out.  I finished up with 1.68 miles.  Here is the Hydro Tracker data: http://www.finisinc.com/streamline/workouts/workout/view/4893

I read about my Internet/Facebook friend (we have managed to never meet in person), Nathan Nelson's fear of buoys and couldn't resist taking this photo for him:

I wonder what's at the other end of that rope...


Gords said...

Dang Josh, she saw you, and still hit you? She should feel bad. Guess that's one more reason to stay the heck away from the Marina. Was it one of those single person needle thin row boats? I bet those are hard to steer accurately. Anyway, I'm so glad your OK!

Nathan Nelson said...

Duuuuuude. That picture is creepy. Seriously. But, on the other hand, how cool is it that you swim in such incredibly clear water, so often? Being 5 minutes from Utah Lake, I just have a hard time talking myself into the drive...

As for the person who took you out, Mafia-style...it brings up a really important point. This is a girl on paddling canoe, or whatever, who didn't see you. How fast could she have possible been going? It makes me wonder how many people in motor boats can see us, even with our SSDs. I'm afraid that, regardless of the laws, or how much a person in the water craft is paying attention, the onus is on us (that sounds weird) to stay alive.

It sucks. You'd love to just go for a nice, leisurely swim, but you HAVE to make sure that some drunk or careless person isn't going to chop you to bits. It's a reality after what happened to that woman, last year.

So good on us (again?) for using our SSDs, but I'm afraid that, in the end, we're at the lower end of the pecking order. Awesome posts, Josh.

Josh said...

I agree. In the end we have to be responsible and take the necessary precautions for our own safety.