Review of the Speedo Hydrospex 2 Goggles from Aquagear.com

Speedo Hydrospex 2 goggles from Aqua Gear (FINIS Hydro Tracker not included).
A rep from Aqua Gear contacted me last week and asked me to take a look at their site and choose a product to review.  Being a self-proclaimed "goggle geek", naturally I chose a pair of goggles.  The Speedo Hydrospex 2 goggles looked like they were right up my alley, so I had them send me a pair.

I was drawn to the Hydrospex because they look like some other goggles that I already have (blueseventy Vision and TYR Nest Pro) and like a lot for open water.

The Hydrospex are not really designed for pool swimming, but I tried them out in the pool anyway.  The high profile makes them prone to coming off or leaking when diving in and pushing off walls so I wouldn't recommend them for the pool (unless you really tighten down the straps to keep them on).

In the open water, the Hydrospex are great!  The large lenses make it easy to see what's going on around you and the flexible frames and gaskets make them comfortable to wear.  The split straps allow you to adjust them until they are just right.  Tightening, or loosening, the straps is easy to do with buttons on both sides that lock them in just how you like them.  I got the version with tinted lenses, but they are also available in clear.  At only $12.95 from Aqua Gear, they are pretty reasonable.

Aqua Gear carries a wide selection of swimming gear at reasonable prices and also offers free shipping on orders over $75.  If you haven't been on their site, check it out!

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Matt Gerrish said...

I'm glad you posted this. I've been thinking about getting goggles geared more for open water. The ones I use are competition pool goggles. I like them a lot, and they've served me well in open water, but I wanna try some different ones out.