Goody Tyler IV's Catalina Channel Swim Coverage

My good friend Goody Tyler IV will be swimming the Catalina Channel tomorrow!  He has prepared well and I am super excited to be on the boat as part of his awesome support team (Gords will be there too).

This is a big deal for Goody (and for Utah) and I will be doing my best to cover his swim on Facebook and Twitter.  We have been having problems recently with the SPOT GPS Messenger, but I have set up a live tracking page and will try to get to the bottom of what the problem is.  We get on the boat at about 6:30pm (Pacific Time) on Monday and he will start swimming around midnight.

Here's where you can catch the coverage:

SPOT GPS Live Tracking:

Updates and Photos

Assuming we have internet service on the boat, I will be posting on Goody's Facebook page as well.

Goody has mentioned that he would like to hear your comments and encouragement when he stops for feeds, so please feel free to comment and I will pass along the message!

It's going to be fun!

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