KSL No Show and Big Waves

I don't normally go out to the marina on Monday afternoons, but Gords had talked to someone at KSL who wanted to get some video of people swimming at GSL as a lead up to Saturday's race.  There was a pretty good group there who all wanted to be part of the KSL story and show that people really do swim in the Great Salt Lake.  Today's swimmers were Goody, Kim, Chad, Erin, Etsuko, Kris, Rachel and myself.  Chad's friend Lang also came along with his kayak.

My State Parks pass expired a few days ago and I stopped in to see Dave Shearer and get a new one.  This is the best $75 I spend all year.  The pass gets you into any State Park and also gets you a discount on camping.  It sure beats paying $2 to $10 for a single day use.

We never saw anyone from KSL.  I tried calling Gords without any luck.  I ended up getting a hold of him through Google Talk.  He called his contact, who told him that they weren't able to get anyone down today and that they would try to have someone there on Saturday.  Lame.

With that bit of disappointing news, we all headed down the boat ramp and got in.  Chad said the water temperature was about 74 degrees.  There was a pretty good wind this afternoon which made for some pretty awesome waves out on the lake.  I didn't feel like battling the waves and had some things to do back at home so I was just going to swim a mile.  We sat around waiting for KSL in the parking lot for so long, that I decided to just swim out the white buoy and back.  The waves were pretty crazy at this point and Erin, Kris, Etsuko, Rachel and I started swimming.  I stopped a couple times on the way to the white buoy to see how everyone was doing.  Kris and Erin were doing great and seemed to be enjoying it.  I could tell Rachel and Etsuko were having a tough time and we saw them turn around and head back (against the wind and waves) to the marina.  I caught up with Rachel, who was a little scared, and convinced her that it would be easier to swim with the waves and get out at Silver Sands.  We swam out past the rocks until we could safely head into the beach.  The wind died down quite a bit as we were getting out and everyone made it out safely.

We were all pretty bummed about KSL not showing up to do the story, but I know at least I had fun being tossed around in the waves.


Chad Starks said...

There had to be at least 4 foot swells at times. Awesome time.

Rachel Wagner. said...
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Rachel Wagner. said...

I was scared (and that's not an easy thing to do) so you read my face right!
It's kind of awe inspiring the power of nature.
Nice to know I have friends watching out for me when out in the water.

Rachel Wagner. said...

Hope its not like that Saturday. Regardless it will be an adventurous day!

Etsuko said...

I admire the swimmers who headed to the Blackrock. Swimming to the west yesterday was like swimming in a giant endless pool!Sorry, Rachel, I was so involved in the endless pool...and I lost sight of you. I waited at the marina entrance wondering if you had gone back to Erin and Kris (I met two more swimmers coming out the marina there.), then you magically appeared with Josh at the boat ramp.We were the brave girls who were out there in that water yesterday!

Erin said...

Josh, you were right. Kris and I loved swimming in the waves! It was definitely a unique swim. There is something so awesome about feeling the power of the waves and feeling so insignificant. However, we also figured a mile was good enough and so headed back in. Swimming against the waves was a great workout.

Matt Gerrish said...

That's what happens when you EVER depend on KSL or the Deseret News for anything. Haha. Worst news outlets in the country. On a side note, early forecasts show a very windy Saturday morning (20+MPH winds from SW). Yuck! Hopefully that changes over the next few days.