Two Swims, Two Broken Caps and Two Swallowed Flies

Contents of my Safer Swimmer this morning.
I headed down to the GSL Marina this morning, shooting for 4 to 6 miles of swimming.  I didn't realized SailFest was going on this weekend and the marina parking lot was packed, but there weren't many boats in the water.  I talked to a couple who was unloading their paddle boards and they asked me a little about swimming in the Great Salt Lake and asked "what's that stuff you were rubbing on your body?".

Since I was alone, I just decided to swim laps around the buoys.  After the first lap, I talked to a guy from the rowing club.  After the second lap, I talked to a couple out on a small inflatable sailboat.  Things started going haywire on the fourth lap.  I noticed that I had forgotten to apply lanolin to the back of my legs and I started getting chaffed where they rubbed against my suit.  I was wearing two caps with a Garmin in between to track my swim.  On the fourth lap I noticed that my cap felt weird.  I felt the cap with my hand and discovered that it was split about half way down.  The cap I had on below it had a hole in the forehead.  I decided to just head in at this point, mostly because I didn't want to make the chaffing any worse.  On my way in to the marina there were tons of brine flies.  I swallowed two of them while taking a breath.  I dry heaved twice in the water, not because they tasted gross or anything, just the though of swallowing them.

I finished up pretty short of my goal at about 3.5 miles.

Some friend were swimming at Bountiful Lake this afternoon, so I decided to join them and figured I could make up the distance there.  I got there late with my family and the kayak and the group was already in the water.  I swam over to them and did a lap between docks and then got out to sell someone a Safer Swimmer.  After that, I opted to play in the kayak with my family rather than get back in and swim.  I added another 0.34 miles to the day's total.

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