First Annual Utah Open Water Swim Camp

This past weekend was the first annual Utah Open Water Swim Camp at East Canyon reservoir.  We had a pretty good turn out and had a lot of fun.  Thank you to everyone who participated and helped chip in for the camp site!

Campers at the first annual Utah Open Water Swim Camp at East Canyon Reservoir.

At the start of the 1/2 mile and 1 mile "race"
Friday afternoon was spent getting our camp set up as swimmers and their families trickled in.  Karen, Sam and Sue went over to the reservoir to get some swimming in before Karen and Sam had to leave.  Another group of us went over shortly after and did a little swimming near the buoys and jumped off the big rock.  While we were there playing around, Kate and Rachel showed up and got in the water to swim.

We headed back to the camp site to find Jim and Connie and Chad and his family waiting there.  By this time we were pretty hungry, and got dinner started.  Everyone had their own meals and also brought something to share.  Sabrina had made German chocolate cake for dessert and she also made homemade butter pecan ice cream.  It was delicious!

Night swim!
After dinner we set up an outdoor movie (thanks to Gordon for letting us borrow his projector).  After the movie, we got ready and loaded up for a night swim.  It was a little tricky getting down to the water in the dark, but eventually we all made it.  With glow stick on, five swimmers (Kate, Rachel, Sue, Chad and Jim) swam across a narrow part of the reservoir and goofed around in the dark.

On Saturday morning we were joined by Scott, who swims and works out with a triathlon group in Park City, Etsuko and her son, and Sue's husband and son.  After breakfast, we broke camp and headed back over to the reservoir for a 1/2 mile and 1 mile "race".  Jim brought on of his buoys and we set it 1/4 mile out from the wakeless buoys.  Etsuko and Scott swam half a mile and Jim, Chad, Sue and Todd raced one mile.  After a bit more swimming, Chad and I jumped off the big rock that is near where we were swimming.

We headed back to camp for a quick lunch and then packed up the rest of our stuff and headed home.

It was a great weekend and I had a lot of fun!  We will definitely be doing this again next year!  Here are some ideas I had for making it better for 2013:

  • Make the camp two full days.  3:00pm Friday to 2:00pm Saturday was just not enough time to get in the amount of swimming that I wanted.
  • If we stay at East Canyon, we should reserve all the individual camp sites down near the water.  We had to drive down the road and hike down a steep path to get to the water.  Camping in the individual sites would be much closer to the water.
  • Organize a long swim with kayak support.  East Canyon is about 3 miles long.  It would be fun to take a group on a 3 mile and/or 6 mile swim.
  • Make sure we pick a date when Goody and Gordon can come!
  • If we had more time, we could incorporate some clinic type stuff into the activities.  I also thought it would be cool for each person to bring their most memorable swim to share with the group.
  • I like East Canyon, but I am open to holding the camp at other locations too.
  • Prizes!  There ought to be some prizes or awards for things.  Chad would definitely win the "wildest swimsuit" award.

If you came to camp, or even if you didn't, what things would you like to see for next year.


Rachel Wagner. said...

I like all your ideas. The camp might be a good chance to bring newer swimmers. A party or campout seems less intimidating than a meet or open water swim. I wonder how we could reach new swimmers with something like that?
Thanks for planning everything. Its the first time I've ever enjoyed camping. Always a disaster with my family and we were so lucky with weather.
I liked doing it at East Canyon. The water was so nice. I would have been fine with the hike if I had brought better shoes. The stupid flip flops were like walking on ice when wet.
Anyway, thanks again.

Josh said...

Ha ha, I'm glad you had a good camping experience! My dad is not much of a camped and I was surprised that he brought a tent and spent the night.

If we get the spots near the water, wearing flip flops shouldn't be a problem. They are much closer and the patch to the water is not nearly as steep.

Thanks again for coming! I'm glad you had a good time!